A social programme will provide an opportunity for informal contacts and discussions among the participants. It will include the usual attractions as Welcome Reception, Concert, Conference Trip & Dinner, and Singing Fountain Performance. It is hoped to re-run also the Beer Party supported by several regional breweries. The costs of social programme have been included in the conference registration fees.

The accompanying persons will have a chance to enjoy the special atmosphere of Western Bohemian region - its historical monuments, and scenic beauties.

Following the huge success at the previous meetings (download the full audio recording or view a short video), Radiochemistry Jam Band Session will be organised again. All participants who actively perform music are encouraged to bring their own instruments, if possible. Accompaniment-providing piano will be available. Bigger instruments loans may be negotiable - indicate the need during the registration. The intention is to achieve a bond on a different level while creating an unusual lasting experience.

Catering information

The menu for lunch and coffee breaks, including the allergens, will be posted on the Conference pinboard every day.

Special diet requirements

People with special food requirements can pick up their meal at the place indicated "Special diet requirements" upon presentation of the ticket obtained at the registration.

Conference Trips - Wednesday 18 May afternoon

Reservation is possible at information desk of the venue.

1. Thun's Porcelain and Museum + Karlovy Vary

Excursion into the porcelainworks of the Thun company, including the production of porcelain articles and museum exposition "Porcelain Story".
Short trip to spa town Karlovy Vary - collonades and springs or individual programme.
Link: Porcelain factory tour

2. Loket Castle

Tour of the medieval castle including the expositions of porcelain, arms or medieval torture, as well as collection of minerals including the well-known Loket meteorite.
Link: Loket Castle

3. Chodovar Brewery + Mining museum in Planá

During the visit of family brewery Chodovar, you will be introduced into the history of the brewery and traditional production methods of original 'Chodské pivo' beer in detail. Each tour includes beer tasting at the magic brewery fountain.
Link: Chodovar brewery

The Mining museum in Planá - Exhibition of ore mining, drilling and extraction equipment in the Ondřej Šlik mine.

4. Local hike trip

Hike through a unique nature reserve with its extensive peat bogs with large amounts of mineral springs. You can choose short version (3-4 km visiting springs around the city) or long version (8-14 km depending on interest, visiting Hamelika viewtower, National Park Bohemium, more springs, ...). It is possible to individually return to the city centre at any time. Maps will be provided.

RadChem Jogging

Participants from four nations (alphabetically AT, CZ, DE, FR) were jogging together every conference morning (Monday to Friday). Please, take a look at the following picture for the statistics and map of places visited. In addition, quite a few participants were jogging by their own and are not included in the statisctics.

Jogging statistics